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English Speaking Skills for Higher Achievement

ChatENG gives students the skills they need to take their English speaking to the next level.


Challenges in Korean Education

In an increasingly global world, speaking proficiency in English is of utmost urgency for Korean students. Unfortunately, many Korean children struggle because Confucian classroom culture de-emphasizes complex, real-time speaking in English in favor of lecture and test-taking. While native English speakers are meant to fill that gap, the importance of hiring teachers with specialized training in language acquisition is often overlooked.


ChatENG seeks to solve these issues to give students the skills they need to succeed.


ChatENG Provides a Better Solution

ChatENG teachers are educators with specific training in language acquisition. They all have at least 3 years of experience teaching elementary-age students. That means more effective teaching strategies and faster improvement for students.

Teaching Strategies

ChatENG’s methods are founded in language acquisition research. There are six essential elements included in each ChatENG lesson:


Extended Conversation

Lessons focus on one topic over multiple classes to improve retention and offer many opportunities for genuine conversation with other students, using the teacher as both a model and support.

Student Perspectives

Students engage in authentic dialogue and build relationships with teachers on an individual level, with lessons culminating in a discussion to share their own perspective on a topic.

Instructional Supports

Teachers always model the language, help students practice and utilize sentence frames, virtual reality, images and other visual aids to support student growth.

Small Groups

All ChatENG lessons consist of 7 or fewer students. By keeping the group small, students have more time to talk, and teachers can get to know the individual student’s needs more quickly.

Content Relevance

Lessons are created specifically for the age group being taught and allow for students to reflect on their personal experiences, allowing them to use what they learn in everyday life.

Frequent Assessments

Using interactive technology platforms, teachers evaluate students’ understanding through real-time quizzes, polls, writing, and drawing tools, as well as students’ speech production throughout class.


ChatENG leverages technology to make topics more interactive, engaging and relevant to students. These include:


• Virtual Reality

• Touchscreen drawing

• Interactive Quizzes

• Video

Our Staff


Jaclyn Eichenberger


Jaclyn is an experienced English educator, entrepreneur, and researcher focused on finding creative, culturally-responsive solutions to catalyze students’ development in learning English. Outside of ChatENG, Jaclyn directs projects at other startups including LessonPick and Camp Hokulea. Jaclyn earned an Ed.M. in Language and Literacy from Harvard University.


Sam Paik


After working for 25 years in international finance, Sam founded SA Sports Inc. and co-founded ChatENG, companies dedicated to providing innovative education and child development solutions in Korea. He is an advisor for successful start-up companies such as The Sleek Project, Say, and Artee Riders Club Seoul and remains connected to the finance world through his directorship on the board of Pepper Savings Bank. Sam graduated as a History Major from Wesleyan University.


Dave Hong

Chief Operating Officer

After working for 17 years in finance with investment banks such as Morgan Stanley and Samsung Securities, Dave left the industry to join YANADOO, one of Korea’s biggest online English education players, with a focus on teaching as well as developing curriculum for its offline product.  Dave hold a BS in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.


Yefei Jin

Chief Technology Officer

Yefei brings deep private sector experience from the U.S. edtech/curriculum landscape. He is currently a Product Manager at Nearpod, the award-winning teaching platform, where he leads content development, go-to-market, and product implementation for teachers of English Learners. He is the founder of LessonPick. Yefei has his M.Ed. in Education Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and his B.A. in Asian Languages & TESOL from the Univ. of Minnesota Twin Cities.



Elizabeth Shin

Operations Manager

After graduating from Davidson College in Davidson, NC, Elizabeth promptly pursued her passion to combine traveling and teaching. Over the years, she taught English to children in the US, Honduras, Argentina, Korea, and Japan.  Elizabeth currently works closely with Sam through SA Sports as the Program Director for Camp Hokulea.


Lena Jeong

Curriculum Developer

As a former student and teacher in the Korean education system working with returnees and EFL students, Lena Jeong is an expertise of the Korean education market and committed to providing better support for English learning. She has extensive curriculum design experience and currently works at other international start-ups including Tembo Education, developing curriculum for Nestlé and Sesame Street. Lena holds an Ed.M. in Language and Literacy from Harvard University.


Erin Lynch

Instructional Specialist

Erin Lynch has over 7 years of experience teaching elementary school students. She has worked closely with English Learner educators to support diverse language backgrounds and language proficiencies in her classroom. She is the lead teacher at her school and is frequently observed for her classroom management and her experience in co-teaching. Erin holds a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction.


Promote global citizenship through equitable access to supplemental English education.

Image Credit: NASA/Mark Vande Hei