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Remote English classes designed for Korean students

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In this class, students interact with the teacher on their mobile devices and through video conferencing. The lesson is on naming different animals.


In an increasingly global world, proficiency in English is of utmost urgency for Korean students.

By the time students reach high school, if not before, children will need to speak English more than ever before. Unfortunately, many Korean children struggle because complex, real-time speaking in English has not been emphasized in students’ classrooms.

Our mission is to build global citizens by preparing children from a young age to speak confidently and clearly in English.

Using an online videoconferencing platform alongside with interactive tablet-based technology, we provide remote English education to small groups of children aged 7-12.


Literacy learning is situated in and mediated by social and cultural interactions and tools.
— (Hull & Moje, 2012, p. 3)

Our Team

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As an experienced English Learner educator, Jaclyn seeks to educate in innovative ways. With several years of experience as a K-5 English Learner teacher, Jaclyn frequently utilized technology in the classroom to support students and teachers. While teaching, Jaclyn became the Executive Director of LessonPick, a collaboration platform for English Learner educators, incubated at Harvard's iLab. This tool has since been piloted in Jaclyn's former district. Jaclyn is also the Director of Languages at Camp Hokulea, where she works closely with Sam Paik to support students' English development at camp. Jaclyn is currently pursuing an Ed.M. in Language and Literacy at Harvard.

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SAM PAIK, Co-Founder

After over 15 years of in the finance industry as the Head of Equity Distribution in Korea with companies such as Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan Chase, Sam left the industry to start businesses in youth development. He has since started SA Sports to research, develop, and operate innovative sports and extracurricular programs that cultivate the importance of health, imagination and teamwork in children. One notable program, Camp Hokulea, focuses on bringing Korean students to Hawaii for an unforgettable international learning experience and cultural exchange.

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As a former student and teacher in the Korean education system, Lena Jeong knows the Korean education market firsthand. In the past, Lena worked as a program coordinator for English library camps in Korea and a coordinator/judge for the World Individual Speaking Championships. She has diverse experience in teaching Korean returnees and has helped develop curriculum for bilingual students. Lena is currently a earning an Ed.M. in Language and Literacy at Harvard.


Elizabeth SHIN, on-site support

After graduating from Davidson College in Davidson, NC, Elizabeth promptly pursued her passion to combine traveling and teaching. Over the years, she taught English to children in the US, Honduras, Argentina, Korea, and Japan.  Elizabeth currently works closely with Sam through SA Sports and as a the Program Director for Camp Hokulea.

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Erin Lynch has over 7 years of experience teaching elementary school students. She has worked closely with English Learner educators to support diverse language backgrounds and language proficiencies in her classroom. She is the lead teacher at her school and is frequently observed for her classroom management and her experience in co-teaching. Erin holds a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction.


Dave Hong, Head of Sales

After working for 17 years in the finance industry, mostly in Institutional Equity Sales and Trading in Korea with investment banks such as Morgan Stanley and Macquarie Securities, Dave left the industry to pursue a career in the Korean education market, joining YANADOO, one of the country’s biggest online English tutorial players, with focus on teaching as well as developing curriculum for the offline product.  It is while teaching conversational English to adults and children that he quickly realized that despite the emphasis on the importance of learning English, there still remains a sizeable gap between written and spoken language proficiency.


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Extended Conversation

Our lessons focus on a single topic over multiple classes to improve retention, while also offering many opportunities for genuine conversation, using the teacher as both a model and support, as well as with other students.

Student Perspectives

Students are encouraged to engage in authentic dialogue and build relationships with teachers on an individual level, with lessons culminating in a discussion to share their own perspective on a topic.

Instructional Supports

Teachers always model the language, help students practice and utilize sentence frames, virtual reality, images and other visual aids to support student growth.

Small Groups

All ChatENG lessons consist of 8-10 students. By keeping the group small, students have more time to talk, and teachers can get to know the individual student’s needs more quickly.

Content Relevance

Lessons are created specifically for the age group being taught and allow for students to reflect on their personal experiences, allowing them to use what they learn in everyday life.

Frequent Assessments

Using interactive technology platforms, teachers evaluate students’ understanding through real-time quizzes, polls, writing, and drawing tools, as well as students’ speech production throughout class.