Every conversation matters

Lessons from Across the Globe

• Supplement to children’s existing English education

• Focus on speaking skills

• Real-time, remote instruction

• Technology that creates immersive learning environment


Our Curriculum

  • Created by two Harvard Graduate School of Education graduates

  • Specifically designed to promote conversation and confidence in language learning

  • Appropriate for students aged 7-12 who are new to English

  • Aligned to U.S. language standards including WIDA and Common Core


The Details


Small Groups, Big Technology

Classrooms of 8-10 students in Korea gather in a hagwon or school program 2 times per week. Each student is provided with a tablet which displays teacher-directed, interactive curriculum.


Broadcasting from Around the World

On the other side of the world, our U.S. and U.K. teachers log into their remote classroom. Through the live call, teachers interact with students through conversational activities, games, and by controlling the tablet-based curriculum.


Sample Lessons

Below are examples of some ChatENG lessons. Click the images to view PDF's of the lessons, though these do not include our interactive features.

Travel: Lesson 3

This lesson helps students describe a place using distance related words, and describe if a place is near or far from them.

Travel: Lesson 4

Students learn how to describe places they want to go, how to ask others where they want to go, and how to describe why they'd like to travel there.

Holidays: Lesson 1

In this lesson, students learn about different Korean and US holidays, as well as share what their favorite is and why.

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