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Fun, engaging, and relevant English education.

Advancing students’ oral English communication across rural and urban communities in Asia.


Why ChatENG is Effective


Quality Educators

Highly vetted native-English speaking teachers create a powerful learning environment. Even before teaching with ChatENG, each teacher undergoes a personalized training process to learn the ins and outs of online teaching.


Relevant Curriculum

Our curriculum is specifically designed with content that is both reflective and supportive of students’ prior experiences. Kids will learn concepts they can apply to their everyday life.


Powerful Technology

We combine individualized and group technology to create a personalized, dynamic, and engaging classroom. Touchscreens allow for interactivity and VR allows kids to travel around the world from the classroom.

How It Works


Go Online


Connect with Your Teacher


Interact During Your Lesson


Small Groups Support Language Learning

Small group interventions are a means to support students learning two languages at the same time.

(Castro et al., 2011)

Speaking Skills Lead to Literacy Improvement

A strong foundation in oral language (speaking) at an early age has been correlated with increases in literacy achievement in the later grades.

(Horowitz, 2015)

Authentic Talk Increases Interaction

Our face-to-face lessons offer authentic communication which allows for interaction and collaboration necessary for increased oral language skills.

(Masoumi & Bourbour, 2012)

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